Oil Field Wage Claims in El Paso

Helping Oil Field Workers Secure Justice

The type of work that is performed on oil fields is rigorous and can often be dangerous. Although oil field workers are entitled to fair wages for the extensive labor their jobs require, some employers in this industry attempt to withhold wages from their workers.

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When you choose the attorneys at Farah Law, you can expect compassionate and understanding representation throughout your entire case. Our founding lawyer, George Farah, are dedicated to helping oil field workers and their families in El Paso and other communities in Texas. Let us use the decades of experience we have gained as employment law attorneys to help you pursue the payment you deserve.

Securing Lost Oil Field Wages in Texas

We have taken on cases where oil field workers did not even realize their wages were being withheld from them. We can review your case and help you understand your rights and the types of wages you are eligible to receive.

There are a number of methods that employers will use to avoid paying their employees the wages they worked for. If you think you are not being paid the wages you are entitled to, review the list below and contact our lawyers right away:

  • Misclassification: Certain job classifications exempt employees from benefits like overtime. If an employer misclassifies an oil field worker as an exempt employee, the worker can lose out on privileges they would normally be entitled to.
  • Overtime work: In many oil field wage cases, employers paid workers less than the legal minimum wage for overtime.
  • "Off the clock" work: Some companies refuse to pay their workers for meetings held at worksites and the time needed for travel. In some cases, these hours are actually payable and should not be overlooked by employers.

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If you have found out that your employer isn’t paying you the wages you are legally entitled to, don’t wait, call us to get started filing your claim. Texas has several laws that prevent money from being recovered after a certain amount of time, and depending on how long your wages have been withheld, you can possibly end up losing thousands of dollars. The oil field wage lawyers at Farah Law are here to help you take action to secure your wages and compensation in a timely manner. Let us create a legal strategy for you.

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