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Contingency Fees

Farah Law Works on a Contingent-Fee Basis

The emotional devastation of a serious accident and personal injury, or the loss of a loved one in a tragic accident, is hard enough to handle without the financial hardship that often comes with it. Not only are you left with physical pain and suffering, but you must also figure out how to pay for the immense expenses that result from an accident or the wrongful death of a loved one. The last thing you need to be added to your plate in this situation is legal fees, especially when you haven't gotten a settlement yet.

At Farah Law, we understand the stress that you are under and the dilemmas you are facing. That is why we operate on a contingent fee basis, allowing you to get the legal help you need without incurring excess expenses you cannot afford at this time.

Do you need an El Paso personal injury lawyer, but are hesitant to call because of the cost? The success of a personal injury case depends heavily on having a dedicated trial attorney on your side to fight for you. Call us for affordable representation!

How Does a Contingency Fee Format Benefit Me?

The team at Farah Law works on contingency fee basis, but what does this mean to you?

To put it simply: you only pay us if we recover compensation for you.

This means that we will pay all your expenses during the course of your case – court fees, filing fees, etc. – and will only charge attorney fees once we have recovered compensation for your case. The expenses for your case and our own attorney fees are only reimbursed to us if we win your case and are taken directly from your recovery so that you never pay out of pocket. Since our fees are dependent on winning your case, our interests are aligned directly with those of our clients – which is to win their cases!

This "no fee unless we win" arrangement makes it possible for people from any walk of life to choose their own legal representation while ensuring that their attorney is fully dedicated to and focused on the best possible outcome for their case, since he or she will not receive any payment unless the client wins.

Does a Contingency Fee Mean I Will Receive More Money?

Insurance company representatives often tell people who are filing insurance or personal injury claims (such as for a car accident) that they should not hire an attorney. They claims adjuster might say something like "the attorney will take a percentage of what you win, which means you won't receive the full amount of your recovery." What they do not point out, however, is that people who retain legal representation are nearly always able to win significantly more money than they would by representing themselves.

Hiring a lawyer sends a clear message to the insurance company that you are serious about maximizing your claim. Contact our firm now to discuss the situation and find out how much your claim may be worth!