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Dram Shop Liability

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  • Guerra & Farah Obtains Settlement for Dram Shop Lawsuit

    Attorney George Farah and our team recently secured a $225,000 settlement on behalf of a deceased 18-year-old's family in a dram shop case. Dram shop cases are cases in which bars, clubs or other establishment that serve alcohol (the "dram shops") are sued for providing alcoholic beverages to individuals who are already clearly drunk. In this Harris County case, Farah Law represented the family of ...
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  • Guerra & Farah, PLLC Settles Dram Shop Case for Six Figures

    At Farah Law, we are well-versed in Texas State laws as they pertain to all types of civil lawsuits and personal injury claims, and we use our vast knowledge of the laws to our clients' greatest advantage at all times. To illustrate, we just settled a case against a local bar for over serving alcohol to one of its patrons under the Texas Dram Shop Act which took effect on June 11, 1987. A dram ...
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