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Dog Bites

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  • 15-Year-Old in the Hospital after Pit Bull Puppies Attack

    For one young Harris County girl, the afternoon was a normal one as she went to the yard to feed the family's two pit bull puppies. The day turned south in less than an instant as the two dogs turn on her for an attack. Her family members rushed outside after hearing her screams to find her pinned to the ground under attack by the two pit bulls; her screams were even heard by a neighbor next door. ...
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  • Biting the Hand that Feeds: Adopted Dog Suspected of Killing Owner

    Reaffirming Texas' stance as one of the highest dog-bite states in the country, a Liberty County woman was found dead in her home after what authorities believe was a dog attack. Her body was covered in dog bite wounds, which are thought to be the markings of the woman's adopted stray dog that was still on the lose as of July 2, 2013. The dog, a black and white colored Labrador-retriever mix, was ...
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