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Fighting for the Hail Storm Coverage You Deserve

Fighting for the Hail Storm Coverage You Deserve

Texas has endured a number of serious storm systems this year, many of which have actually produced dangerous hail. Last April, in San Antonio, a single hail storm caused an estimated $1.4 billion in damages to home and business owners—making it the costliest storm in our state's history.

In El Paso, we saw hail storms just this past week. On Friday, November 4, West and Central El Paso were pounded by a serious storm system that delivered high winds, torrential rain, and punishing hail. Communities all over the city spent the weekend cleaning up their properties and it's likely that many are already in the process of filing storm damage insurance claims with their insurance provider.

"I'm Covered... Right?"

Following a major storm, even one that is widely publicized and felt throughout a community, some insurance providers will still dispute the claims of their policyholders in order to protect their own bottom lines. It doesn't matter if the damages are obvious on your property (and your neighbors' properties), these companies will still endeavor to minimize and even outright deny certain claims. When they do, it's often because they've acted in bad faith.

Some examples of insurance bad faith include:

  • Claiming that damage to a home actually occurred before a storm
  • Claiming the policyholder withheld information about the property
  • Claiming that the policyholder made improper repairs to the property
  • Changing the policy between the time of the claim and the claim's assessment
  • Taking too long to investigate a claim
  • Making an incomplete assessment of the claim
  • Taking too long to provide coverage
  • Providing only partial (low-ball) coverage for a legitimate claim

If you are an El Paso home or business owner who is experiencing resistance from your insurance company, then it may be time to seek proven legal counsel. A dedicated and knowledgeable El Paso hail storm damage claim attorney can help you assert your claim, negotiate with insurance providers on your behalf, or even take them to court.

At Farah Law, this is precisely the work our legal team is prepared to do for the individuals, families, and business owners of El Paso. We're ready to assess the issues with your claim and take aggressive, proactive steps towards ensuring that your hail storm damage claim receives the recognition it deserves.

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