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Guerra & Farah Obtains Settlement for Dram Shop Lawsuit

Guerra & Farah Obtains Settlement for Dram Shop Lawsuit

Attorney George Farah and our team recently secured a $225,000 settlement on behalf of a deceased 18-year-old's family in a dram shop case. Dram shop cases are cases in which bars, clubs or other establishment that serve alcohol (the "dram shops") are sued for providing alcoholic beverages to individuals who are already clearly drunk.

In this Harris County case, Farah Law represented the family of an 18-year-old woman who was served alcohol at a nightclub, even though it was apparent that she was intoxicated. The young woman was the victim of a club that preyed upon the immaturity of underage drinkers. She left the bar and drover her car while heavily intoxicated, which resulted in her losing control of the vehicle and dying in an accident.

Under the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code §2.02, alcohol-serving establishments may be subject to civil lawsuits if they sell, serve or provide alcohol to patrons who are clearly intoxicated, particularly to the level of being dangerous to themselves or others. In order to for the lawsuit to be valid, the bar or club patron's intoxication must have actually been the cause of the damages. Even with dram shop laws, it can still oftentimes be difficult to actually hold alcohol-serving establishments accountable since Texas law allows for various defenses against claims of dram shop violations.

In the suit we brought agains the club on behalf of the victim's family, we had a looming motion for summary judgment to deal with. Despite that potential obstacle, we were able to reach a victorious outcome for our clients by helping them reach a settlement for $225,000. The agreement includes a net settlement of approximately $130,000 for the victim's 10-month-old son, and a settlement of $15,000 for the father.

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