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Biting the Hand that Feeds: Adopted Dog Suspected of Killing Owner

Biting the Hand that Feeds: Adopted Dog Suspected of Killing Owner

Reaffirming Texas' stance as one of the highest dog-bite states in the country, a Liberty County woman was found dead in her home after what authorities believe was a dog attack. Her body was covered in dog bite wounds, which are thought to be the markings of the woman's adopted stray dog that was still on the lose as of July 2, 2013.

The dog, a black and white colored Labrador-retriever mix, was a stray that the victim and her husband took in about two weeks prior to the incident. Authorities suspect the dog to be responsible for the attack, especially in light of its behavior when police responded to the distress call. As investigators approached the scene to attempt a rescue, the dog was found covered in blood and unwilling to allow anyone to enter the premises. The animal reportedly charged at law enforcement even after a deputy fired his weapon multiple times to scare it off. The dog backed off once, retreating to the other side of the yard as rescuers attempted to enter the front door of the home but then came back charging at them a second time. At that point, the deputy fired his weapon again, this time wounding it before it was able to escape under the yard fence.

Authorities believe that the incident was sparked when the dog attacked the couple's smaller dog. The woman then attempted to rescue the small wiener dog, at which point the larger dog turned on her. The victim was able to reach the telephone in the living room to tell her husband that she had been attacked before the line went dead. The case is yet to be closed as the dog is still at large, leaving the residents of the neighborhood concerned for their safety. Authorities warned the community to keep children and small pets indoors and to avoid approaching the animal even if they see it as the search to find the aggressive dog continues.

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