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15-Year-Old in the Hospital after Pit Bull Puppies Attack

15-Year-Old in the Hospital after Pit Bull Puppies Attack

For one young Harris County girl, the afternoon was a normal one as she went to the yard to feed the family's two pit bull puppies. The day turned south in less than an instant as the two dogs turn on her for an attack. Her family members rushed outside after hearing her screams to find her pinned to the ground under attack by the two pit bulls; her screams were even heard by a neighbor next door.

Having dog bites covering her lower body, the girl's father immediately rushed her to the Memorial Hermann Hospital to receive treatment for more than 100 puncture wounds on only one leg and multiple slashes on the other. The doctors stitched her up and she is currently still recovering at the hospital, where her medical team expects it to be some time before she can walk again.

The girl and her father raised the now eight month old pit bull puppies together since they were just four weeks. Perplexed by this outbreak, the girl' father stated he does not want the animals back at his home anymore. While he claims that they had never previously shown any aggressive tendencies, neighbors disagree. The two pit bulls are suspected of recently killing a neighbor's shih tzu, reportedly leaving the community nervous and in fear for the children's' safety. The dogs are currently being held in quarantine by the Harris County Animal Control.

Dog bites and attacks are far too frequent in the state of Texas. While this particular incident involves a child being attacked by her own pets, many similar incidents involve unsuspecting stranger sustaining injuries from someone else's dog. If you have been attacked by someone else's animal, it is the owner's responsibility to compensate for the damages. Contact an El Paso injury attorney today.